About Us

What is Dasaran

Dasaran (“Classroom” in translation from Armenian) is an internationally award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) organization based in Armenia that builds technology designed to help countries around the world not just meet their educational and technological development goals, but improve student performance, teacher capacity, and educational decision-making.

The product has been tested and proven its concept in Armenia, within the past 9 years (founded in 2009) ensuring a 100% penetration into the public education system, connecting all public schools in the country to a unified platform, engaging 1,107,346 registered users.

Mission and Objectives

Dasaran’s mission is to provide the structures that help promote and deliver quality and equal-access education, advancing student growth and empowering educational authorities with data for evidence-based policy-making. With its sustainable product, Dasaran helps build infrastructural capacity through low-cost, yet high-quality innovative technologies for more efficient educational policymaking that addresses UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 (Quality Education) and 9 (technology, innovation, and infrastructure).

  • Increased transparency at schools and equal-access education through the introduction of modern e-tools.

  • Interesting, entertaining and efficient learning through educational games and online contests.

  • Facilitation and strengthening of teacher-student-parent/guardian connection

Dasaran values individuality, talent, creativity and diligence.

Dasaran Educational Program is an environment of equal educational opportunities, supporting every kid paving their own path of success.