DASARAN has developed two specific directions for delivering knowledge and skills to its beneficiaries, meanwhile creating a great social impact. The Educational e-Solutions of DASARAN provide tech-inspired and enjoyable online programs (such as games, learning modules, et al) to students encompassing a wide knowledge base and shaping behavioral patterns of students as modern-day citizens. The Development Institute provides professional training services to teachers and school management staff, as well as separate programs for students and their parents.


The educational e-game “Super David vs Fire” was developed within the framework of cooperation between the Save the Children in Armenia and Dasaran Educational Program, with additional support provided by the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Emergency Situations and the RA MES Crisis Management State Academy. The game aims to promote awareness among youth on right behavioral norms during fires through innovative experiential learning. It seeks to empower school-aged children and their communities by encouraging their development of the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to prepare for, respond to, and recover from different types of fires - wildfires, house fires and others.
The game was developed within the scope of “Institutionalization, replication and dissemination of Disaster Risk Reduction interventions in South Caucasus of European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations” Project, implemented by Save the Children International Armenia Representative Office in collaboration with OxYGen Youth and Women’s Rights Foundation.

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The e-game “Super David” aims to promote disaster risk preparedness education and awareness among youth. The educational game was developed within the framework of cooperation between the World Bank Group and Dasaran Educational Program, with additional support provided by the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Emergency Situations and the RA MES Crisis Management State Academy.
The project was made possible with the financial support of the “Japan-World Bank Program for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries” (of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)).

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Dasaran2.0 project, supported by the European Union, aimed to improve the quality of education in Armenia and provide equal education opportunities for all school students across Armenia. The specific objectives were:
• Multiply the social impact of the existing Dasaran educational platform, by introducing new and advanced social innovation tools.
• Equip the beneficiaries with capacities to meet their needs that are not addressed by the current education system; i.e. learning new media skills, setting and reaching goals, being entrepreneurial, innovative and professional, social and professional collaboration, increased motivation to study and data-based policy making.

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The project “My Friend Auguste” aimed to raise awareness on disability, inclusive education among school students and their parents, and empower school students with necessary knowledge that will enhance understanding of and tolerance for students with special needs. The students were exposed to learning respectful language, manners while interacting with people with special needs. The project was implemented by Dasaran Educational Program with the support of US Embassy in Armenia and UNICEF Armenia.

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Promoting Tolerance, Celebrating Diversity

The project, implemented in cooperation with the US Embassy in Armenia and the Save the Children International Country Representation of Armenia, aimed to increase integration of children displaced from Syria through promoting a tolerant and friendly environment in the schools of Armenia using the digital platform of DASARAN and tolerance education materials developed by Save the Children International.

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I know My Rights

The project was implemented in cooperation with the US Embassy in Armenia. The goal of the project was to empower 14-18 age group male school students with knowledge about their rights in the army as potential conscripts and about the relevant institutions that deal with rights’ issues. They also acquired skills on how to protect their rights, got understanding of the due procedures required to follow, and gained a general knowledge on human rights.

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World with Barry Smith

The project features an online educational environment which contributes to the enhancement of students’ knowledge in geography and history. Through interactive and engaging posts Barry Smith, a traveling bear, follows the school curriculum and helps kids explore new cities, countries and continents, acquainting them with historical and cultural specifics spread all across the world.

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Promotion of Agribusiness Education in Armenia

The project aimed at contributing to the professional development of school students and raising awareness on viticulture and general agriculture among school students. It was implemented in cooperation with the International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE) Foundation and ArmAs Wines company. The project involved basic e-learning components (an interactive learning corner, wiki articles, and blitz games), and during the time period of November 2016 – November 2017 the project has ensured 56,657 school-student followers to the learning corner and total impressions at a level of 5,754,656; 70 articles on crop production, viticulture, thermal agriculture, and other topics were developed; and the blitz games ensured 110,104 game-plays.

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Explore America

“Explore America” is an online intellectual game for school students designed for them to explore the United States of America, its member states, its history and culture, the values and norms it stands for. The online educational game made use of the existing thematic materials and transformed them into an engaging gamified content. The project was funded by the US Embassy in Armenia.

Green Land Game

The project, implemented in cooperation with the Counterpart International, aimed to make use of the modern innovative technologies to teach school students on natural environment and the challenges it faces and to promote such behavioral norms among them which would help decrease the man-made damages caused to nature.


The project aims to build cultural awareness among school students and bring museums and art galleries to their homes. Through the project an online environment was developed providing space for the partnering museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions to promote their exhibitions, provide information on the existing exhibits, their background and history, thereby directly building children’s knowledge and awareness on cultural affairs.
The project was initiated in cooperation with the ICOM Armenia and currently involves 24 museums and cultural institutions.

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English with Emily

“English with Emily” created an online space for school students to practice and improve English skills in a fun way while exploring different daily topics. Every week featured a new series of Mystery Monday, Talk2Me Tuesday, Weird Wednesday, 3 Things Thursday, and Funny Friday.
English-only communication was strongly encouraged!

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E2-E4 Chess Page

The page was developed in cooperation with the Armenian Chess Federation with the aim to engage school students in an interactive learning environment to explore the rules and basics of chess, learn new game strategies, get to know interesting facts on the game and keep up with the latest news and achievements both in the Armenian and world chess industry.
The page also holds interactive chess plays between students and prominent Armenian chess players, who periodically post new challenges for students to solve.

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From Knowledge to Success

The project aimed to instil realistic faith towards success in every public school student. This is the idea that united various successful Armenian companies. Real stories of success achieved by people living next to us were explored through short videos presented in the online learning environment.
Implementation of this project was supported by the Global Credit UCO CJSC.

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Formula of Success

This educational video project was initiated by the Armenian State Pedagogical University and is being broadcast by the ArmNews TV Company and DASARAN educational portal. The videos prepared through the project build students’ knowledge and awareness on the existing various professions and provide a unique digital platform of career orientation for them.

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Beware of Mines

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise, and its main objective is to raise awareness among the Armenian public school-students on landmine risks and promote education on demining activities through the use of DASARAN educational platform.
The project introduces to school-students primary skills on how to assist those affected by mine explosions, on what are life and safety principles and how to stick to those, as well as on how to safely deal with mines.

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“Train - 12” Teachers’ Workshops on Modern Educational Models

“Train – 12” is a unique simulation of K-12 school education cycle, where teachers are the passengers who get on board the train of K-12 education, making stops in the specific school phases (elementary education, secondary education, high school education).
The main goal of the project is to convey to teachers mechanisms for applying their professional knowledge and skills in alignment with progressive educational methods, and to promote the idea of human-centered teaching process having at the core the personal development of school students and their transformation into citizens of the modern world.
50% of the project covers psychological analysis of a child and such topics as how to read through the student, 30% covers effective communication and teaching skills, and the remaining 20% is dedicated to case studies, where participating teachers collaboratively work on a specific problem or a usual occurrence of school routine, trying to find solutions.


This two-day training is a continuation of the Train - 12 and aims to enhance the expertise of participating teachers and school management staff on children’s rights protection system and inclusive education. With proven gamification methods the workshop participants not only learn the norms regulating the field but also get to know efficient mechanisms on how to deal with an inclusive class and how to ensure full integration of the children with special needs in the learning process.

“Pin Code” Workshop for School Management Staff

Pin Code is a two-day workshop held for school management staff, and aims to strengthen their knowledge and experience in the field of children’s rights protection and the existing national regulatory norms and laws. The workshop also refers to such topics as efficient collaboration between students, teachers, families and the school, socio-psychological development of a child, age-related crises among students and their forms of expression in the learning process, as well as potential conflict situations arising and how to deal with those and overcome the related stress.

RE-START positive parenting course

The course aims to help parents choose a most efficient style of parenting, identify their child's personality type and find the personalized keys to communication and collaboration with them.
Essentially, RE-START helps perceive parenting not as much an obligation, but a pleasant process for both the parents and their kids.

“Get to Know Your Emotions”

This is a self-identification program for kids in pre-schools and elementary school grades. With entertaining gamified methods kids dwell into the world of emotions - seeing, identifying and imitating distinct types of emotions and feelings. Parents and teachers are invited to observe the learning process and followingly receive professional guidance from the trainer on general aspects of child behavior and age-related growth specifics.

“Tolerance” gamified learning module

This interactive learning module also has a socio-psychological nature and combines gamified learning and intellectual quiz-contest components. Middle-grade school students get to know about tolerance and try to find solutions to different case-scenarios working in groups. The module also incorporates brief training for parents and teachers, introducing them the importance of tolerance-learning for their kids at that specific age, as well as referring to various age-related crises of children and providing different keys to deal with those. Parents and teachers are also invited to observe the learning process during which the trainer provides professional comments on their children’s engagement and behavioral specifics.

Practical Training on First Aid

This is a special practical training on "First aid", which includes a very detailed and interactive presentation and showcase of the following three main topics - bandaging with items at hand during a disaster or other emergency situations, types of most dangerous bleedings, and immediate withdrawal and transfer of the injured.
Such knowledge greatly contributes to the establishment of right behavioral patterns among school-kids during any emergency situations, or similar occurrences during school excursions or other everyday activities.